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  • Groundfloor Investing

    Invest at the Groundfloor of companies you believe could be the next Apple, Google or Rockstar Energy! Enjoy helping young, fresh ideas get launched.

  • Crowdfunding With Confidence

    Crowdfunding involves many investors contributing smaller sums. Each backer, therefore, has less exposure, and if the funding goal isn't reached - the investor keeps their money with nothing lost!

  • Risk Mitigation

    Make multiple investments in a wide variety of companies and industries of your choice. Diversify your portfolio and mitigate risk.

Strength in Numbers. Join the Crowd.

Small businesses are suffering. Banks have imposed stricter guidelines loans, and Angel Investors are less willing to fund risky ventures. Crowdfunding will allow small companies the ability to raise cash by pooling the resources of a network of Investors.

“It is clear from this new research that entrepreneurs, investors and the intermediaries who help them are excited about crowdfund investing and are ready to play.” - Forbes Magazine